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MiaCara Scala Dog Pouffe | Ginger



Scala Dog Pouffe is perfect for dogs who love to be lounge lizards.

Designed and handmade in Germany using an innovative chamber system the stunning Scala dog pouffe offers your dog the ultimate in comfort and spinal support whilst they have height to survey all that they call home.

For those looking for a different organic shape within your home that offers stunning contemporary design, exceptional manufacture and vital orthopaedic support for your dog this stunning designer dog bed is sure to tick all your round boxes. 

The Scala has a removable cover for ease of cleaning in a durable fabric. Just hoover regularly or wipe clean with a soft damp cloth and when you want to launder simple unzip the cover and wash in a cool machine setting. The inner cushion will need a good old plump to keep its shape now and then just like a sofa to maintain it's shape and again cleaning it can be washed and dried as per the manufacturers recommendation.


M/L:   90 cm x 23cm

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