Zuluhut - FURRPLAY
  • Zuluhut - FURRPLAY
  • Zuluhut - FURRPLAY




Inspired by the traditional Zulu Hut dwellings found in rural South Africa. This modern alternative to the classic igloo will provide your cat with its very own culturally rich one room apartment space. The enclosed design is a perfect hideaway for cats who seek out safety during frightening situations such as lightening storms and the even more terrifying vacuum cleaning sessions. 

Nekkomori is the East Asian division of the South African brand Kitticraft

The ZuluHut is made from CNC Laser cut MDF - Medium Density Fibreboard and the cushion is sewn from heavy-duty cotton. No tools or glue are required for assembly as the structure is designed to fit together securely by interlocking notches.

Please note: International shipment to any destinations outside of the Singapore is not available.

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