Glow In The Dark Stars Bed
  • Glow In The Dark Stars Bed
  • Glow In The Dark Stars Bed

Glow In The Dark Stars Bed

The Cat Ball®

This cat bed glows in the dark! When you turn off the lights, the stars on this Riley Blake fabric will give off that greenish GID glow.

The lining on this bed is a stripe in shades of grey with black and white. These fabrics are cotton. This cat bed will look great with black or tuxedo cats, and the lining fabric will help to disguise the fur shedded by tabbies and tortoise shell cats, too.

We recommend this bed for cats or dogs to about 18 pounds. Unlike the shoe box your cat was living in last week, The Cat Canoe® is made of entirely flexible materials, allowing larger cats total access. They simply squeeze, flatten compress or reshape the bed to fit their desires.

The Cat Canoe® is about 20" long and about 8" wide.

How do you clean it? Listen to our advice, folks. We learned this stuff the hard way:
  • The Cat Canoe® is fully washable in cold water
  • Do not bleach 
  • Remove as much hair as possible before washing
  • We strongly recommend using a front loader washing machine
  • Tumble on dry low only, keeping in mind that the fabrics will shrink more with hotter temperatures. It is also OK to air dry The Cat Canoe®

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