Our Story

While growing up we've always had pets at home. But it wasn't until I moved overseas and had my own place and my first cat Prince, did I understand the bond between a human and an animal. I've always been a dog person, up until I met Prince. It's been 10 years since Prince left us but he is never forgotten. Prince was and will always be a very, very special cat to me. Well, he was more than just a cat, he was a companion, a friend, a son and a teacher as well. He taught me how to love unconditionally, how to be more patient, to appreciate the simple things in life and because of him, he made me understand that cats and dogs are much more than just "pets". They are family. And in memory of him, I've been volunteering with cat groups and doing whatever I can in my means to help rescue, foster and rehome stray or abandoned cats.

Now with 6 cats and 2 dogs living under one roof we're constantly searching for the safest and best pet toys and food for them. Toys and cat furniture that not only serves it's purpose but it's something that they'd love and yet compliments the interior of the home as well. Minimalist is the key. And this is what we hope to bring to you through our store by offering a curated selection of quality pet products and pet furniture. Every brand and product you find at Furrplay have been carefully tested and hand picked by us.

As a store, we especially love working with independent companies and designers, with people who share the same passion. Compromising style or quality when choosing pieces for our four-legged family members is not an option for us.

Furrplay is committed to partnering with animal welfare groups through adoption events & fundraising efforts. 

Lots of love,