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UniCharm DeoToilet Hooded Cat Litter Bin Starter Kit



Starter kit comes with Hooded Litter box + 1 Pack of Unicharm cat litter + 1 pack of Unicharm Anti Bacteria Sheet

The UniCharm cat litter bin is designed to make cleaning up after your cat an absolute breeze. The innovative use of zeolite and silica based cat litter combines with the unique dual-tier design of the UniCharm litter tray to extend the mileage of your cat litter, while effectively eliminating unpleasant litter box odours.

Urine filters through the zeolite, where ammonia is adsorbed by the cat litter. Odourless urine flows downwards and is absorbed by the pet sheet on the bottom tray, which can contain up to 1.4L of liquid waste, promising to last up to a week in between changes. The result is a litter box that is always clean and dry.

L 54 cm, W 40.5 cm, H 43 cm
Litter Tray: H 15 cm

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