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UniCharm Zeolite Pellets Refill



UniCharm anti-bacterial cat litter is dust free, low tracking and simple to use – The zeolite and silica formula firmly adsorbs ammonia ions, effectively eliminating foul litter box odours. When used with UniCharm Anti Bacterial Sheets, urine filters down into the lower tray and is absorbed, while cat faeces can be easily scooped from the top tier of the UniCharm DeoToilet Cat Litter Bin.

A 2L bag can last a month in a single-cat household.


  • Made in Japan
  • Non-clumping and allow urine to flow smoothly to bottom layer pad, keeping litter box clean and dry
  • Anti-odour & anti-bacterial Zeolite pellets eliminate unpleasant odour
  • Anti-tracking & silica coated cylinder-shaped pellets do not stick to paw
  • Change only ONCE a month 
  • Recommended for use with Unicharm Pet Deo-Toilet Dual Layer Cat Litter Box
Zeolite, Silica

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